Hearing Tests – More Than Just a Hearing Test

When people ring up to book an appointment with us at Echuca Moama Hearing, they often don’t know what to book in for. They know something is `just not right in their head.’ Melissa will ask you what type of appointment you are wanting, ear wax removal, a hearing assessment, hearing aids and this is often where people become stuck.  She will ask more questions to help you work it out.

A hearing assessment looks at more than just what sounds you can hear and how loud you need them.  We will perform a hearing test for many reasons:

  • Reports of noises in the ears (tinnitus)
  • Blocked ears
  • Sore ears
  • Dizziness or Vertigo
  • Sensitivity to loud noise
  • Numbness in the face
  • A feeling of pressure or fullness in the ears
  • And the obvious one, difficulty hearing

We look into your ears to assess the health of the outer ear. We perform a middle ear test to check the pressure in behind your eardrums and whether the middle part of your ear is functioning properly. We then test your hearing where the pattern of your hearing can give us information about your inner ear health and your balance organ (vestibular system).

All of this information together with what you have told us in your initial history can help to work out what is wrong, or if nothing comes up, where to next.

A hearing test does not mean you need hearing aids or that something is wrong with your hearing.