What’s new in hearing aid technology? The changes in the last 26 years

elderly man using old hearing aids to listen to quiet sounds

There are so many hearing aids on the market with lots of marketing jargon that the average person having difficulty hearing can easily become confused when selecting a hearing aid. There are in-the ear hearing aids, Behind-the ear hearing aids, Receiver -in the canal hearing aids. Which one is right for you?

What to expect during your initial hearing test

Old man having hearing test performed in Echuca

Hearing tests can be a `quick screening of your hearing’ which normally takes about 15 minutes. These are often advertised as `free’ and will give you a brief summary of your hearing suggesting your hearing is ‘normal’ or ‘requires further testing or investigation.’ Remember FREE hearing tests are often a sales pitch to get you in the door and generally do not give you any answers to your hearing issues.

Who is Echuca Moama Hearing?

Tina Dennet standing in front of Echuca Moama Hearing clinic offices

In this blog article, I would like to begin by introducing myself and over the course of the next few months explain what happens in a hearing test, what the different tests are for, discuss some of the considerations you should make when deciding upon a hearing aid along with some very important questions to ask to make sure you get the right product for your needs.  I will go through some of the breakthroughs in hearing aid technology as hearing aids can now do far more than just pick up sound.  However, for some people isn’t that all you want?  There is myriad information out there which becomes a quagmire for those who just want an answer that they understand.